Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Price’s Grand Pronouncement

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price claimed that under the GOP health care plan, "I firmly believe that nobody will be worse off financially." But there are plenty of reasons to doubt that.

Spinning the CBO Report

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office's analysis of the Republican health care bill has been released -- so let the spinning begin.

Mulvaney’s suggestion that a person making one-fifth his pay couldn’t afford a doctor

How does a member of Congress end up with a $12,000-$15,000 deductible when lawmakers are supposed to select low-deductible Gold plans? And would a person making one-fifth of the congressional salary actually have to pay such a high deductible under the Affordable Care Act? Let’s explore.

Fact-checking the White House’s rhetoric on the CBO report

White House press secretary Sean Spicer offered a number of attacks and claims during a news briefing dominated by the new Congressional Budget Office report on the House Republican replacement bill for the Affordable Care Act.

Employer Premiums and the ACA

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer claimed that “because of Obamacare, premiums on everybody have gone up ... whether you're in an employer-based system or not." Employer premiums have been affected somewhat, but they've been growing at historically low rates for several years.

White House budget director’s false claims about the Obamacare legislative process

Legislative sausage-making, particularly on big bills, is often complex and confusing.

CBO’s Obamacare Predictions: How Accurate?

So, was the Congressional Budget Office really "way, way off ... in every aspect" of how it predicted that Obamacare would work, as the White House claims? No, it wasn't.

No Evidence Jobs Data was ‘Manipulated’

President Donald Trump's chief budget officer claimed -- without any evidence -- that “the Obama administration was manipulating the numbers” to make the nation's unemployment rate “look smaller.”

President Trump, the king of flip-flops

There is no rule that politicians must remain consistent in their policies. Circumstances change, both economically and politically, and a skillful politician certainly can adjust his or her positions accordingly. But politicians need to explain to voters why they changed their minds. At The Fact Checker, we award an Upside-Down Pinocchio when a politician shifts position on a policy without acknowledging that they did so. Perhaps no politician is a bigger flip-flopper than Donald Trump.

Refugees and Terrorism Investigations

President Donald Trump's new executive order on foreign nationals entering the U.S. says “more than 300" refugees in the United States "are currently the subjects of counterterrorism investigations.” But it is a statistic without any context.

Maxine Waters on Alleged ‘Sex Actions’

Rep. Maxine Waters suggested without evidence that unsubstantiated allegations of "sex actions" made in a dossier against President Donald Trump are "absolutely true."

Claims of president’s defenders on wiretaps

President Donald Trump’s unsupported charge that predecessor Barack Obama had ordered wiretapping at Trump Tower has prompted Trump’s supporters to search for other examples under Obama. What they came up with falls short of doing that.

Spicer’s Pre-emptive Attack on the Nonpartisan C.B.O.

President Trump’s spokesman on Wednesday deflected concerns that a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act had yet to be scored by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office by questioning the agency’s track record.

What Trump got wrong on Twitter this week (#7)

Welcome to the seventh installment of our occasional Friday feature looking at what the president got wrong on Twitter in a given week. The president has been less active on Twitter in recent weeks, so it’s been almost a month since our last roundup.

Trump keeps claiming he’s created U.S. jobs since Election Day. Not so.

Trump’s bravado on these jobs announcements is becoming a bad joke. He claims credit when little or no credit is due to his policies. Moreover, he is counting these jobs as jobs in the bank, when corporate plans frequently change according to market or economic forces.

Pruitt on Climate Change, Again

The head of the EPA told CNBC that he "would not agree" that "human activity," or carbon dioxide emissions, is the "primary contributor" to global warming. But scientists say it's "extremely likely" that human activity is the main cause of warming since the mid-20th century.

Spicer Digs Hole Deeper on Gitmo

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer incorrectly claimed that in contrast to the Guantanamo Bay detainees transferred or released by the Obama administration, “under the Bush administration, most of those were court ordered.”

Did the New York Times Contradict Their January 2017 Report About Wiretapping?

An image showing a New York Times front page was circulated on social media along with statements accusing the publication of contradictory reporting about wiretaps.

Did Betsy DeVos Say History Textbooks Should Be Based on the Bible?

A report stating that Trump's Secretary of Education wants to exclude all information not found in the Bible from history textbooks is satire, not fact.

White House overly downbeat about budgeteers

President Donald Trump’s spokesman went out of his way to cast doubt on Congress’ budget experts, perhaps anticipating disappointing results from a coming cost analysis of a Trump-backed plan to “repeal and replace” former President Barack Obama’s health care law. Too far out of his way.